Graduated in Ceramics by the college ARCA-ETAC
College for Artistic Technologies at Coimbra – Escola Superior de Tecnologias Artísticas de Coimbra

Additional Training

October 2008 to July 2009 – Extra-curricular Internship (350h) at the conservation and restoration of ceramic materials laboratory from the Department of Arts Conservation and Restoration of the Technological College at Tomar.
July 2007 – Master class “Bidimension y Ceramica” at Luarca (Spain) given by Hisae Yanese and António Gonzales.
January to April 2006 – Certificate of pedagogical training for trainers (CAP).
September 2005 – Participation on the European project Avantcraft.
July 2005 – Scholarship for the creation of a Master class on clay sculpture at the House Museum of Alfonso Ariza de La Rambla- Córdoba (Spain).
May 2002 – Professional training class “Projects for ceramics” at CEARTE Coimbra.
March 2001 – Practical and theoretical class for the specialization of ceramists in glass and clay at the Engineering Laboratory 2000 S.A. (Madrid) with Manuel Keller Soria.
August 1999 – Class about the compatibility of glass/ceramics in sculpture at the Ceramics school “De La Bisbal” in Spain with Joan Crous.
August 1999 – Class on the creation of ceramic murals “De La Bistral” in Spain with  Maurício Rubio.
November 1995 – Conference about the history of Portuguese Modern ceramics at Caldas da Rainha.
March 1993 – Partaking on the seminary “com design a loiça é outra” (with design the crockery is something else) at Centro Tecnológico da Ceramica e do Vidro (Coimbra).

Individual Exhibitions

July2015- Exhibition PASSADO IMPERFEITO at the Municipal Library  in Vila do Porto in the island of Santa Maria (Azores)
November 2014 – Exhibition PASSADO IMPERFEITO at the Museum of Ceramics in Caldas da Rainha.
July 2014 – Exhibition PASSADO IMPERFEITO at the Aveiro Museum in Aveiro.
June 2014 – Exhibition PASSADO IMPERFEITO at the Monastery of Santa Clara in Coimbra.
May 2014 – Exhibition PASSADO IMPERFEITO at the Arts’ Academy in Ponta Delgada (Azores).
October 2011 – Exhibition at the Gallery of the Bookshop Orfeu in Brussels (Belgium).
November 2009 – Exhibition at Sala Campus Stellae, Colegio Marista San José, Léon (Spain)
September 2005 – Exhibition at “Ponto de Luz” Coimbra.
July 2003 – Exhibition at the Almedina Gallery in Coimbra.

Works in Public Spaces

July 2015 – Creation, together with artist João Valente, of a ceramic mural in front of the Carlos Machado Museum (Ponta Delgada, Azores) for the Walk & Talk Azores 2015 Public Art Festival
August 2002 – Creation of a mural for the city council of Aveiro, near the Casa da Juventude (Youth group House) of Aveiro.

Collective Exhibitions

September 2016 – Exhibition “Com teus gestos me vestiste na nudez da minha vida” at the Museum of Monastery of Santa Clara in Coimbra Portugal
July 2010 – International Exhibition- 10xdiferente in Tábua (Portugal).
August 2009 – Partaking in the international biennial of contemporary Art of Porto Santo.
November 2008 – Exhibition at the Convento de Cristo in Tomar as a part of the Porto Santo Biennial.
November 2007 – One piece at the VIII International Biennial of Aveiro.
November 2007 – Bobogi Gallery in Aveiro.
March 2007– Municipal house of culture of Coimbra.
February 2007 – Museum house Bissaya-Barreto, Coimbra.
March 2006 – Gallery Maria Braga in Azenha de France, Vila Nova de Cerveira.
September 2005 – One piece at the VII International Artistic Ceramics Biennial of Aveiro.
August 2005 – Museum house Alfonso Ariza de La Rambla Córdova (Spain).
October 1999 – Guest artist at collective painting exhibition of Medical Artists, at the Medical Association of Coimbra.
Novembre 1997 – Three pieces at the V International artistic Ceramics Biennial of Aveiro.
April 1996 – Grade Gallery of Aveiro.
February 1996 – Faculty of Arts in Oporto.
January 1996 – Anthropological Museum Gallery of the Coimbra University.
July 1995 – Modern Art Centre of São João da Madeira.