Maria Pedro Olaio
Being art, par excellence, the testimony of time and memory it is through the body of the object, whichever chosen vests for its materialization, being textile pulp, screen printing, black stoneware, porcelain or clay, that these two essential concepts project themselves in space, continuously inscribing themselves on their multiple evocations.
Sometimes on a more personal level, others in a much more global scale, my work aims at a vision of the human condition, looking at the roots of an organic memory for the experience of contemporaneity
The organic memory placed at the evocations of elements of nature that the pieces of work present, gives plasticity to an experience of the now, with the responsibility to create something new without losing sight of certain concepts and values that are valuable to me. 
During my journey as a ceramist I started with a noble material like porcelain to then turn to clay. Taken directly from the earth and coloured by microorganisms my last project- Imperfect Past, presents a work without aesthetic pretensions and thus even liberating.